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Apr 16, 2018

9 Ways to Sell Yourself to a Prospect Employer

Once an employer receives your resume, she/he may call you for an interview. Interviews serve as the initial test to gauge your communication skills. Getting called for an interview is something to be happy about; it is a clear indication that your resume made a good impression on your potential employer, even though you have not made any personal appearance yet.

The resume clearly speaks of the person it is trying to represent. Seventy-five percent of employers revealed that they are sure to invite for an interview, applicants whose resumes pass the company's standards of quality.

To know how to write resumes that lead you to more calls for an interview, check out the following tips:

1.Indicate the position that you are interested in at the first page of your resume. Doing so demonstrates that you know what you want and what you are applying for.

2. Use powerful words that highlight your capabilities. For instance, write "in charge of" instead of "assigned to be." Your being in charge indicates your potential to assume any leadership and managerial positions the company may have.

3. Use bullets. These not only make your resume neater and better organized, they also engage your potential employer to read your resume from start to finish. Busy employers are not attracted to lengthy paragraphs.

4. Tailor your resume one position at a time, including only relevant details. You do not want to waste your time creating one splendid but generic resume which will just land in the employers' waste basket.

5. Seek the opinion of a professional. Experts will know what skills and details you can downplay or highlight in your resume for a particular position.

6. Follow instructions. To test how well applicants can understand and follow instructions, some employers give resume specifications for applicants to comply with, such as turning in handwritten resumes only. Your resume must therefore be impressive and aligned with the company standards set.

7. Follow conventions. Use only black ink, avoid using correction tape and do not fold your resume.

8.Truthfully complete any application forms that go with your resume. Match your answers relative to the position that you are applying for; but do not forget to make them outstanding.

9. Use good references. Teachers and previous employers are a good choice, because they can provide honest and objective information about you and your attitude during background checks.

Having piqued the employer's curiosity, expect that phone call. Your potential employer wants to know if you're indeed for real.

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