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Jan 9, 2018

Resume Tips: Doing it Yourself Vs. Hiring a Professional

You have two choices when creating a resume: write the resume yourself, or have it professionally made. Some of the professionals, like the Brooklyn Resume Studio, use the same programs that you would use. The only difference when paying for the resume to be created is the time factor, you won't have to spend time creating your resume. If you decide that you want to create the resume yourself, I would suggest using Microsoft Word to create the resume. Save the file as a .doc file so that it can be seen by all the companies that you send it to.

You can attach your resume to your email or copy and paste the resume into your email. If you want to attach the file you will click on attachments and find the file, then click upload file. Otherwise you can copy it by holding control and hitting the c key. You can paste the information by holding control and hitting the v key.

You will need to put your information at the top (full name, address, telephone number and email address). Place this information in the center and change the front size and type. Then you can seperate that section off with by hitting the key that is 2 keys to the left of the backspace key. It will look something like this (_________). Below that information you can type a brief description of your responsibilities or work experience.

You will need to put your job history and your salary, how long you worked at each job (month and year) and all contact information. You will also list with bullets under each job what your responsibilities were.

Also remember to make a list of at least 3 references with phone numbers. If you don't want to put your references down you can type "references avail upon request" and then will ask you for them if they need them. Always remember to do a spell check and make sure everything you type makes sense. You can also put how many WPM you can type with the percent of accuracy next to it. (80 wpm 98% accuracy)

You can change any font to any size and change the style of the font to make it look more professional. When your resume is finished you will want to make sure to move that file to your desktop so that it can be found easily. Make sure you save the file as MyResume.doc. This will make it easier to find the file that you are looking for.