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Dec 16, 2017

How a College Graduate Can Gain Employment in This Economy

Many recent college graduates may become increasingly perplexed about where to start their job search. With thousands unemployed, the job market can seem pretty bleak. However, there may be several jobs available to college graduates.

The key lies in knowing how to find them and how to get hired. If you are among these many graduates looking for employment, there are a few tips that can aid you in your job search.

First and foremost, don't raise the bar too high. Many college graduates will refuse to accept a position, let alone apply for one due to the salary. The truth is, salaries are almost always negotiable.

Accepting a lower paying position may not be ideal but you are gaining much more than a paycheck. Work experience and the opportunity for advancement are only a few of the reasons to consider one of these positions. The same can be said of internships. This also gives the graduate a jump start to building his or her future resume and the chance to network.

Speaking of networking, graduates searching for jobs should really put this tool to use. A letter of recommendation from a professor or experiences related to your education that occurred outside the classroom may be a good place to start.

As a matter of fact, this is a great way to at least, land an interview. Many graduates have gained employment by networking through peers, professors, and various facilities associated with the college, myself included. Do not underestimate the power of knowing someone and inquiring about the availability of a position.

Use all resources available. The majority of college and universities will also offer job placement services to those who have successfully completed their education. This may be a viable way to gain employment for several college graduates.

In addition, some of these schools will hire from a pool of new graduates, depending on the need of the institution and the graduates major. Many former students are employed at the colleges that I have attended. Submit your resume and stay in touch.

The most important thing that college graduates can do to aid in the job search process is to explore all avenues and to continue looking. Searching for a job is work and you must be willing to put in the hours. It can be tough, especially with all the competition but eventually you can and will find gainful employment.