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Nov 30, 2017

Breaking the Rules in Career Management

Everyone who works in the world today knows that their future depends on their ability to break the rules to achieve what they want, or need to be successful, with their job. Well for everyone who has ever thought about breaking the rules to get ahead within your company you may be working for, I would like to show you some actions you can take to advance your career by breaking the rules within the rules.

The first thing you should do is to start thinking like an entrepreneur and ask yourself if you were the CEO of the company what you would do differently. Take the time and step out of your job and act like the CEO and analyze your contributions to your job and ask yourself what more could I be doing to make things better?

Another thing you can do is look at what rules aren't working for you or your department and then ask yourself is these rules really benefiting the department or the company? Then if you see the current rules aren't working you can change or alter the rules to where it will benefit both the company and its customers.

Once you have found the problem write it out and run it past others in your department and ask them what their advice would be to help resolve the problem. Ask if there was any other companies had problems like this and what they did to fix the problem, and after listening to everyone and taking their ideas then propose a solution to fix the problem.

Let everyone know your concerns and become known as the idea person and problem solver. Always listen to everyone and their ideas and think all of those ideas through. When you are attending meetings if there is an idea that you think will not work, don't be afraid to speak up and present a different solution or a well reasoned argument why the proposed direction would not work.

Always strive to have a plan of implementation for every great idea that you think of or may have already thought of. Always try to think what will benefit both the department and the company. Discuss all possible ideas and results to your superiors and see what they think of your ideas.

Always look for new ways of improving what is being done within the company and also look for new ways to help move the company forward. Consider taking a different approach when dealing with customers. How can the meeting presentations be improved upon and be more streamlined to make the company better?

If you keep this approach on the forefront of your thinking every day and you challenge the rules that don't contribute to the bottom line. You will soon begin to see career growth, and it will now have more satisfaction, plus your responsibilities and your rewards will increase all because you learned how to break the rules within the rules.