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Nov 26, 2017

Job Search Tips: Qualities of a Marketing Job Candidate

There are lots of qualities a marketing position requires, which is a lot different than a career in accounting. However, from the perspective of a human resources job recruiter, these qualities are the qualities they look for most often.

Business Orientation

Marketing is about selling. Selling is how a business stays in business. If you are going to be marketing, whether it's a product or a company image, you need to be oriented toward being cost effective and tapping into how customers buy your product. Marketers need to understand what motivates customers to buy and how the sales process happens. Without this, customers aren't going to buy, no matter how good the product.

People Skills

Marketers sell to people. They package the products; they get the products in front of potential buyers; they encourage people to buy the product. All this means that the marketer needs to understand how people buy products and why they buy those products.

Marketers also need to be able to communicate with potential customers. Customers need to feel like they are getting value for their money. If they are buying the product directly from a salesperson, they also want to feel like the person they are working with is warm and empathetic. In other words, the customer needs to feel some connection with the salesperson. Sales people who have good communication skills make far more sales than those who don't have these skills.

The Customer First

Good marketers are concerned about understanding the customer - how they think, what they want and why they buy. Marketing is all about the customer. It is not about showing off how good the marketer is at their job. Good marketers check their ego at the door and put the customer first.

Lifelong Learners

Marketers are always learning. They learn about their customers. They learn about their products. Marketers are always curious about how they can present their products in new and innovative ways to their potential customers.

A Proven Record

Good marketers understand the importance of their track record. Experience should always be a learning opportunity. The more experience a marketer has, the better they should understand the buying process and what motivates customers to buy.

Keeping the qualities of a good marketer in mind when you apply for jobs in the marketing field will help you know how to structure your job application to show off the qualities human resources managers are looking for.

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