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We at Vested are committed to providing students with the right consultation to making the right decisions for their future. From, preparing for taking exams, choosing the right college, to choosing the right courses and making a decision a career path.

We help advise you on the best courses to take in college. If you're keen on becoming an accountant, then we'll tell you the right courses to prepare for your CPA exam. Are you keen on investment banking? We'll help you nail those case consulting interviews.

We help each and every one of our clients to find their dream jobs. We believe in the power personal branding, especially through social media. A lot of people scoff at the idea of using Tumblr, or LinkedIn to market themselves. But we believe that social media, especially in today's world is crucial. We help our clients in building their personal brand - from managing your Instagram profile to choosing the best camera to film your personal branding videos on Youtube.

We will hold your hand from test prep to your first interview to your first job offer. This is the Vested way.

America deserves to be great - one student at a time.

Student Loans

According to an article from our friends at Cornerstone University, average tuition costs will set you back $134,000+ (in 2015),  which could surge to more than $300K+ in 18 years. That is just ridiculous. No wonder America has fallen behind from so many countries when it comes to education and engineering. I remember when I was a young buck in college - my tuition was half that. It's even more important now to plan for your college education. This means looking at scholarships, researching for grants and checking for favorable student loan terms.

No wonder America has become the country of debt. Millenials today struggle to pay off their college loans. It's a point where it's approaching a crisis level that only pales in comparison to the opiod crisis that besets our great country of red, white and blue. How can we expect for our country to be great again if our future is dependent on the backs of the poor souls of our young generation? This is what inspired me to leave my office and job and teach the future generations about fiscal responsibility.

Here at Vested we take a unique approach to helping America's youth and the young professionals who will be the future of this great country of ours. Here at Vested we will start at the pre-college levels and help you research for the best grants, best student loan options, and awesome scholarships to help you achieve your dreams.

Personal Brand Management

Personal brand management is no longer for just celebrities. But what is personal brand management?

It's the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a desired brand for any company in your field. It's all about packaging yourself as the ultimate and best expert in your chosen field, so you can become a highly paid professional in business.

Often times, students and professionals make career and/or educational choices simply based on salary, title or prestige. They don't consider the long term impact of their choices or personal career growth. They don't realize or appreciate the fact that your choices today will impact what career opportunities open up in the future.

At Vested Finance, we help students and current professionals to get past this narrow-minded, short-term focuses view on their career. We help them with:

  • Self-discovery - what do you really want from a career and in life?
  • Skillset - what skills you will need to get what you want?
  • Training - what additional education, internships or early career decisions are required to get what you want long term?
  • Branding - how do you become a visibile, highly sought after subject expert in your field?

These are the types of things we cover in our services. Every one of our personal brand ambassadors will carve out a path for each student or professional so he or she will start thinking long-term. Only by thinking long-term will you discover what you really want and actually achieve it in your lifetime.

New Tax Laws for Future Students

With the passage of the new tax laws, the game has changed for future students. It's even more important for students to be prepared.

According to the final bill, all contributions to Coverdell Savings Accounts, where families could contribute up to $2,000 per beneficiary per annum, has been eliminated. Instead, families will need to use 529 Plans for qualified educational expenses. Moreover, the 529 accounts can now be withdrawn tax-free for use for K-12 private school tuition and college expenses. Finally, the game-changing bill allows all families (from all income levels) to contribute up to $10K per beneficiary per annum.

Orginally, there was some chatter about raising taxes for current students, but fortunately, this did not make the final bill.

For recent graduates, there will be some tax relief. Young college graduates making less than $40K per year (who are single) would see a 3.2 percent decrease in their tax bracket. However, in 2026, their taxes would begin to increase again.

With all these rules changing, it's even more important to start planning for your future. Contact us now and opt for a free consultation on how we can help you plan for your future -- from college education to finding that perfect job.